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The Horizon video below is all about a mathematician who studied at boarding school here in Britain. Alan Turin was the first person to create computer AI (Artificial Intelligence) and he designed it from research of the human mind. Horizon is a weekly show commissioned by the BBC (British Broadcasting Company). BBC computers were very popular for education in college’s during the nineties on the Isle of Man college in Willaston.


strikes me as a little bit odd that British schools private and public both promoted boarding schools. Equally I find it shocking that inside places like Kings College boarding schools they were teaching and promoting homosexuality.

Turin was interested in boys when he went to boarding school. Apparently during his early abuse at school he fell in love with another boy he was living with.

One can assume boy’s school’s like Kings and Cambridge were far away from opposite sex. One thing BBC Horizon documentary fails to reveal is where were the women teacher’s. Also during these times of promoting buggery to boys war was looming overheard.

I do not agree with this documentary’s propaganda. Framing the origins of the Internet with homosexual association’s.

Turin is said to have invented the 1 and 0 bytes of computer language. They also say he started of looking at Einstein theory instead of nuckling down getting on with practical mathematics. I never have understood E=MC².

Britain is full of cases of people in private schools who have been honoured, Knighted or given Noble Peace prize awards for doing things nobody else understand. I think this is what gives Gay people in this country permission to act out in the way they do.

If the Internet started out as a Gay idea, then I understand why lefty or otherwise groups promoting homosexuality online ideology’s. And why robots from top scientific sites are portrayed as dangerous and untouchable women.

Women are much weaker than men. Gay men evolve like women, or become over confident butch men who like to be daddy. Lesbians have a similar process, although I have not seen any evidence of what happened to girls in these girls schools.

In fact I think Catholic boarding schools are the only ones where girls live and sleep together. Somewhere during the 20th Century more women trained to be scientists, engineers and drive cars.

On the other side of the coin, war is very troubling and early on educating establishments endocrine youth to by pliable. And on the battlefield troops were taught to inflict fear by raping people. A common tactic taught all over the globe. During the second world war lots of British troops had to go into rehab because they were addicted to rape. They also were diagnosed with prenatal stress.

You can see why Horizon said what it said about Turin and boarding schools. And who is to say he was not indoctrinated into believing otherwise. The fact is many bottom feeders have managed to figure things out that knowbody else does. We laugh at these people even though they are given the opportunity to get more hours, more Face time and getting promoted to Sargent Major. They make good hosts, anchors and weather people.

The consequence of this has been covering stories and promoting TV celebrities who have to come out the cupboard. Russell Harty got sacked by Grace Jones live on telly. David Icke opened the lid on BBC sports about church organist Ed Heath 20 years ago. Rolf Harris was paid to come over here from Australia to paint little boys and later we found out about him. Jimmy Saville, It’s A Knockout guy, the list in endless. Anyone would think TV was invented by gay or sexual deviants.

John Logy Bear does sound a bit gay though, maybe he was to. I doubt it though he was married with kids. They would sit around watching television and play practical games like Cluedo and Monopoly.

Either way it seems this guy was a sissy and died at an early age.

Mathematician’s regardless of where they are from get a bad rap. Yet no one can contest the mathematical magic of fractals once mapped out by computer from a cross section; up, right, down, left and all ways actually. We see Sea Horses, Spirals, Dinosaur’s, allsorts of stuff including vegetables.

Either 0 – 9 is a map of the universe or genuinely some signature of god. Unlike theology no one can contest with maths and get away with it.

People worry about in the future robots will get away with murder. On the telly we are told they are programmed with protocol’s never to hurt a human being.

Will Smith was right to be sceptical in the movie ‘I Robot’. Many other robots now are sexy women who have parts of their shell removed to make people scared of having relationship’s with women.

With more men in academia now in the UK and around the world dressing up like lady boys and taking the pole swinging podeum, it’s little wonder they don’t start making more C3P0s, Twinky and Kit sounding sissy voice robots.

Seriously though their maybe some truth in the origins of the Internet. And the fact is these boys were code breakers, pen pushers locked in safe rooms during the blitz. People needed men to wipe their bumb for them and I wasn’t really all that surprised when Sachs Cohen British comedian came out with a fashion designer curious about anal bleaching and the enema code.

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RR1, Is Technology Helping or Hurting Us?


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In Nicholas Carr’s (2008) “Is Google Making Us Stupid? What the Internet is Doing to our Brains”, Carr examines the bare history of how we even got to Google as a people. Though Carr starts out this essay by nervously examining how his own behaviors have changed, Carr eventually leads us to a quick, broad line history of communication. Carr’s examination into the relatively fast advent of the internet when compared to the history of writing was a fun and insightful recap of how we have changed the medium and how the medium has changed us (p. 1 par. 5). Carr’s “swiftly moving stream” of information available on the internet, absolutely adds to Carr’s idea of these quick reading articles on the web actually “propel you towards them” (p. 1, par. 3) People who are immersed in a culture that values the internet often say they do less book…

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Elysium Robot Film Review

Factory Automation with industrial robots for ...

Factory Automation with industrial robots for metal die casting in foundry industry, robotics in metal manufacturing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The film is about earth in the recent future where space travel has become much more popular than it is today. The world has been taken over by powerful people who prefer to have robots doing work for them than employ people to do policing.

Humans are revered as factory workers controlling heavy duty machinery. Respected for being rogues in a world where the elite class people as criminals, illegal aliens and see people as worthless pieces of a bigger picture. The leaders talk about preserving humans, they continue to manufacture more robots. The world is a ghetto. Set during a time I suspect a few years before Mad Max. It seems to be that sort of film. The world in the future is multilingual speaking the remaining popular languages French and English. People have chips that connect to the body. These chips contain login details that give access and help move easily around the world. Space is a place where for citizens of earth you should go. They administer special medications to help people survive in space flight. The jab creates a big oygenated bubble on the wrist.

The factory that employs people is funded by an organisation based in outer space habitated by humans who see these ghetto areas as parasitic.

This film introduces some interesting new weapons that open and cut doors in space ships and nutrilize and shatter robots into little pieces. With dangerous weapons we find special sheilds and new medical measures that repair and revitalise humans.

The world seems a hostile place, having the technology strapped into a human is the only means of challenging the powers that be challenging the society in a futuristic Los Angeles (Hollywood Land).

Max the main character he is lucky because he has a friend who works in the local hospital. And with the help of his friends at the transportation depo he becomes digitised and becomes powerful enough to be a one man army. Max manages to leave earth and go to space and like all good fairytales live happily ever after.