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Robot Phone

This Trash Robot is as yet Uncategorized is part of waste and recycling project and will not end up buried in landfill space.The bit should be available for hobbyists to play with in Britian and China very soon. 

The box for Robot Phone developed in a technological back alley of Shenzen, China. Based on a pencil case purchased in London years before. The red telephone box found to be the best idea, everything was open source 2.0 data. It even had old school telephone box ringtone. All they needed to do is see how many robots they could squeeze in the phone box. The phone rang everyday. They are crank calls from misadvised insurance broker’s. New workers on the conveyor belt, showcasing what is available. Points make prizes. Copies of years and years of souvenir. The touch screen and mic on the side looks like doughnut, the phone leaves residue on the tips instead of the other way round. The pencil case comes equipped with mini shaving cream bottles, you can even wipe your bumb with it. Great packaging by the way, defo sell this to my mommy. You cannot replace me, my wings are made of a shield of steel. Like I say great packaging you can easily dunk in. The instruction manual is thin, smooth and perforated, even the label looks like something out a sweet shop. Instead there’s many robots doing all kinds of things. The phone in principle is like a car, half here, half there soldered together and released to the global motorway. The robots a ringer but it works. This phone make you feel the Gaffer with built in DVD’s. The box make you feel very special, as easy as a baby in a phone box. Has a built in concierge voice message butler telling callers anything, how you are, where to leave messages or what your doing and why you cannot come to the phone right now. Is based on a new loophole in Instagram. The phone is targeted at people who want more followers and attracts a retro audience. People who attend comicon and StarTrek conventions. If you buy three you can triangulate your position, it even has options to microwave neighbours at night. Comes with default Kylie Minogue monologue ringtown that goes la,la,laah, la la la la la, la laah etc.

Robot Models

This Trash Robot is as yet Uncategorized is part of waste and recycling project and will not end up buried in landfill space.The bit should be available for hobbyists to play with in Britian and China very soon. 

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Trashy Fashion

Trashy Fashion

Students across the country reportedly

have been getting together to create trashy fashion.

This is for a festival that is celebrated throughout fashion

week. There should be some trashy fashion there in the U.S.A.

I think it would be good to have something similar in the U.K.  Already

we see Robot’s on T-shirts and other things so why not have a trash Robot in the

home, not only to help look cool but also to help remind us our our recycling duties.

Below is a trailer for a new film due to come out at the cinema but first a video with owls in.

Trash Robot

Trash Robot (iii)

As individuals and families we may one day see it as our responsibility to respect and sort out are own rubbish. hobbyists who disassemble televisions and computers and reclaim precious metals offer to take them off people’s hands. Imagine if they took these parts and made them too into Trash Robot‘s. So with this in mind what are they practically doing to transform the technology and take it to places where technology is needed.

Trash Robot The recycling business is fairly new; metals, newsprint and glass are easily re-manufactured but more uses must be developed for plastics. Some recycling centers pay for materials like aluminum and newspaper. You can utilise this knowledge and improve your relationship with the trashmen. Imagine having a robot do a lot of the work for you. In the cinema we see so many droids that do so much, they have characters and are accepted member’s of the scientific films community. It’s just a thought but when is it so we will have this a reality. Machines guiding us with how and informing us regularly why we should begin the transformation of rubbish into equitable resources at home even before it makes the recycling process.