Acting from Love: the ‘Family’ preamble

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The Neighborhood

cover photo despair & hope by Simonette Vaja

Bad Decisions by The Tan Band with Renee Mallory

‘Family’ preamble
Acting from Love written by What2believe, Hong Kong

My son slammed the door after saying rudely a few words to his mom: “Leave me alone, Okay? Don’t bother me anymore!” I was astonished to hear that, and before I could possibly figure out what to do about the situation, I heard my wife’s instantaneous response to him: “Remember what you said to me today, don’t regret what you just said!”

The air in the living room was filled with tension and heaviness. A couple of minutes after what happened, to my surprise, my son suddenly came out of his room and stretched out his hand to his mom as a friendly gesture to pacify the atmosphere. My wife immediately picked up his signal and stood up for him. My 20-year-old…

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