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RR1, Is Technology Helping or Hurting Us?


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In Nicholas Carr’s (2008) “Is Google Making Us Stupid? What the Internet is Doing to our Brains”, Carr examines the bare history of how we even got to Google as a people. Though Carr starts out this essay by nervously examining how his own behaviors have changed, Carr eventually leads us to a quick, broad line history of communication. Carr’s examination into the relatively fast advent of the internet when compared to the history of writing was a fun and insightful recap of how we have changed the medium and how the medium has changed us (p. 1 par. 5). Carr’s “swiftly moving stream” of information available on the internet, absolutely adds to Carr’s idea of these quick reading articles on the web actually “propel you towards them” (p. 1, par. 3) People who are immersed in a culture that values the internet often say they do less book…

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