An English film about romance, New Year and other stuff.

Dear James

You are the person who always has a movie line ready to slot into any moment.

I have probably rewatched Into The Wild more times I can count with you. And I have also found you passed out in the dark next to the glow of a laptop and a half finished movie more times than you could count . And then there was the infamous week of The Notebook in second year that all of C1 will never let you live down.

James you have introduced me to so many great films, so here are some that I have watched lately and thought you would enjoy.

Happy New Year! xx

About Time

I was literally waiting FOREVER for this to come out. Paddy and I went to see it at the moonlight cinema in Centenial park and we had the lamest cliched couples outing ever. I couldn’t deal so…

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