Is google making us stupid?

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Reading  about Nicholas Carr’s work on  how Google is making us stupid. Ways it has been put to seek easier methods to find solutions to our problems by just a clicks away, no hard work put into it. This indeed made us lazy, no longer do we sit to read a novel or a book or a magazine,  everything is on the computer and our eyes glued to the screens of how graphically  they put sites, and the simple way it has been put for the consumers. Now people drifting off or get bored or think that somehow it’s a waste of time, daydreaming, loosing track of time, etc. the we scan sources on the computer now and no longer needing to pick up a book to sit down and actually understand what the book is trying to say. We spend so much time online writing, emailing, scrolling at news feeds, keeping in contact with family and friends around the world we forgotten how to sit still, pay…

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