Visually Stunning Sci-Fi Mech Trailer

What is it with Spain and Robots? More people pretending to be Russians promoting malware on Twitter. Seriously this film looks a bit scary. I much prefer films like Wall-E. I am sure I will watch this. Is this dubbed or will there be English Subtitles? Thanks for sharing T.


Not directly tech related, but this is too amazing not to promote.

J.J. Palomo, head of Spanish visual effects company BLR (Big Lazy Robot), and his team of 6 spent over a year developing this visually stunning 3 minute clip .  It follows a roboapocalypse Earth, which is far from overused and predictable when you see the intense robots and beyond creepy live mannequins…  It’s already caught the entertainment industry’s eye–hopefully, we’ll be able to find out how the mannequins turned into Chucky.

Check out more below:




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