Trailer Androsex 2013

I like this video, at first I thought it was a show in Saddlers Wells Theatre. The thing I like about this dance play is the women doing robotics dancing, whilst wearing rubber gloves to do the dishes. It is almost like the women are evoking robots to come into the world and do the dishes for them. As long as they are dancing they are definitely learning and if it gets people out of their homes more doing stuff being friendly, then I think there is a good chance very soon we will see a Trash Robot around the home doing all the recycling, washing things like dishes and the best part is they will not need plenty of spare gloves, sponges and will not use to much electricity. Seriously there is nothing sexy about robots. The dancing like a robot is embarrassing, reminds me of the breakdance era. Still dancing to R&B now is purely for the dying pole dancing trade. The great thing about pole dancing is it again is not being sexualised. Its a good way for a women to keep trim. Why cannot people like Riahanna understand this and why is it younger singers are being put through the wrecking ball on a swing technique can you not see what is happening to the world.

I would much prefer see a conventional robot in the home doing some housework and keeping the kitchen in shape. Chopping onions is another idea I have been having. If I lived in Comedia Madrid I would definitely go to see this Futurista play about Robots at the Meninas Theatre [Meninas Teatro] however the thought of being exposed to Androsex is extremely of putting. The good news is in the video clip there seems to be nothing like what the title of the Youtube video brings across. Will this be the next Blue Men? Not so sure we will have to see, good luck Spain and thanks for sharing with the world. As ever leave your blurbs below.


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