The Daily Robot: Revolt of the Robots

Building more ideas for Robots. This image reminds me of a robot I have seen before. It looks like the one of the SMASH advert. The American man looks like he is trying to hug that mash robot and does not know his own strength. The robot is even combing the mans hair. There is blood coming from the mans right arm. Is this the same guy used in the global leverage of the planet image or the gong of the movie industry? If so he really is not doing a very good job. His wife or girlfriend looks surprised. I not sure if she is upset about the mans yellow shirt being ripped or the blood from where the robots hand is sticking into above the bicep. On first glance it looks like Armstrong is hugging him so hard that oil or yellow blood is seeping from the robots belly. Looking again though I would say that the yellow is definetely from where the cuff of the shirt once lay. It would be interesting to know the context of this image and which slot in the story that it came. I would say this is a friendly robot because he has a speaker mouth peice. By design though I would say this robot was designed all wrong. Having a circle for a stomach makes him look chubby. On top of his head he has a faberchey egg, it could be a car or an ancient UFO.

Judging by the guys pants he is a pilot. Could this be an extract from a Dan Dare comic? he looks like he has bigger fish to fry. He is looking for the green surfer perhaps? Where is the Mekon he is saying and the robot might be saying can you get this lump of a me please. And the women is thinking ‘A Robot in the kitchen doing all the dishes, recycling all the rubbish?’.

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