Photographs of “The Real Toy Story”- A disturbing look at the Chinese factory workers who help produce 75% of the Worlds Manufactured Toys.

The manufacturing industry is a prized possession. These images remind me of how it was here in the UK a few years ago, people were happy doing manual work. I read somewhere recently that Germany is very proud of manual labour. The thought of having robots in factories doing everything that puts bread on the table for people and their families is wrong. That is not to say having a robot in the kitchen doing the housework is not a bad idea though, great images on imagur well done thank for sharing. Why do you think capitalism is not working when clearly these women in the factory look very happy making toys like popular dolls to be distributed around the world? The only hell I can see from merging dolls with robots and hell is the Chucky syndrome. I am not convinced by the stats. What did you mean, is it the pay structure? Are you not a fan of piece work, most people aren’t but take the industry away from a country they eventually get effected.


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