Play-i’s Bo and Yana Robots for Kids

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Play-i hopes to foster interest in computer programming at an earlier age with its upcoming programmable robots.

Bo is an explorer. He is playful and curious. He loves going on adventures and making new friends. As you play with him, Bo learns new skills and becomes a more capable robot. Together, there’s no stopping where you and Bo can go.

Yana is a storyteller. She is clever and imaginative. She hasn’t found her wings yet but she is full of dreams. Yana can surprise you and entertain you — with characters brought to life with gestures! Use the power of your imagination to unlock her potential.

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Cleaning Robots

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I have a confession to make, I am a bit obsessive about cleaning. I like things to be  spic and span and orderly. I am a bit of a germaphobe too, so that is another reason I make sure things are always clean ( all of this comes with being a Virgo). I usually do a very thorough cleaning once a week. The other days, I straighten things out and clean a little here and there. However, there are times on my once a week “serious” cleaning days that I simply don’t feel like doing anything! So, when I saw these cleaning robots, I immediately wanted  one!

However, they are not available quite yet. They are the conceptual creation of 23-year-old student Adrian Perez Zapata, who won Electrolux’s Design Lab competition. The 908 mini-robots fly around your house and determine what looks dirty. You then get options on what…

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