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Britian and China go head-to-head on Waste Management

Chinese Rubbish ! ?

The city Hong Kong in China generates around 6.4 million tons of waste…

Already 13 of it’s major allocated landfill spaces have been shut down…

Similar to the UK Hong Kong has made radical changes in the way shopping is done congruent with the UK…

if you had a Trash Robot there would be an even greater reduction on the amount of bags used in the household…

Read the full article and watch an acompanying video over on


One thought on “Britian and China go head-to-head on Waste Management

  1. trashrobot says:

    This data is nearly one year old and is compiled annually but should be reported weekly or daily but problems like this are difficult to address, the landfill space or incinerators is a valid argument and for each country to decide which is best, it would be great though to have some other solution like reducing the amount of waste disposed. Re using waste is really important the town mayor is getting onto this in UK, as every other leader in societies. Nice gaming website thanks for your comment.


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